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What i would like to do is:

1) Open an excel file // no problem, this is very simple

2) wait for excel file completely load // i can use sleep function and use a very long time to be sure

3) run an excel macro called "mymacro1" // i don't know how to do this

Can you give me the correct sintax for point three?

thank you

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Thank you very much.

I have another question, don't know if it is possible.

Before run excel file i want (with _ExcelBookOpen($file, 1)) i want to check if, accidentally, there are other excel files already open. In that case i want close all of them (saving before exit).

Is possible to do this check and close all other excel files eventually opened?


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Found the solution.

Paste here for other interested users of this beautiful forum:

$oExcel = ObjGet("", "Excel.Application")

For $element In $oExcel.Application.Workbooks

If $element.FullName <> "" Then










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