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Winshow() Missing In Help?

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I just noticed that the new help file lost the WinShow text.

function still in (thankfully) but help file needs updating.



Shows/hides/minimizes/maximizes/restores a window.

WinShow ( "title", "text", flag) 


title The title of the window to show.

text The text of the window to show.

flag The "show" flag of the executed program:

    @SW_HIDE = Hide window

    @SW_SHOW = Shows a previously hidden window

    @SW_MINIMIZE = Minimize window   

    @SW_MAXIMIZE = Maximize window

    @SW_RESTORE = Undoes a window minimization or maximization

Error Flag


Return Value



If multiple windows match the criteria, the most recently active window is used.


See also: WinActivate, WinClose


WinShow("Untitled -", "", @SW_HIDE)


WinShow("Untitled -", "", @SW_SHOW)

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