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Read TCP (pcap) returned data?

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Using the pcap UDF, I'm trying to read / interpret packets that I pick up. In pcap, it will return some binary data. However, if you choose to save via the _PcapSaveToFile, and open the .pcap file in Notepad, you're able to see the data like so:


Unfortunetly, trying to read the file with FileRead will only return the first few chars (Ôò¡ in this case). Is there anyway to read all the data clearly, especially where it shows actual text? Thanks!


PS: pcap UDF I'm referring to: http://opensource.grisambre.net/pcapau3/

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Even if I try to read in binary, then re-convert, it doesn't make a difference. I even tried reading by line, but for the lines that have those weird chars, it can only interpret the first few for some reason, like I showed in OP.

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