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Looping array.

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Hi there, I'm new to this programming language, so I wanted to ask is there any way to loop pixelsearching for specific pixel and when there is no pixel it continues working. Something like:

While IsArray($pixel2) = True Then
      MouseMove($pixel2 [0], $pixel2 [1],1)
      MouseClick('left',$pixel2 [0], $pixel2 [1],1)
   If IsArray($pixel) = True Then
      MouseMove($pixel [0], $pixel [1],1)
      MouseClick('left',$pixel [0], $pixel [1],1)

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Told you yesterday not to open a thread again on the same topic even when it isn't explicit anymore.... right?

You will not be able to post for the next 3 days and consider this the last warning.


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