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Desktop Locker

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Hy all ...

Im not very english then I will descirbe as briefly.....

So... i made a program that lock your desktop.

Something like :

OK... here is download :


All suggestions are welcome.

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The icons you're using, I've never seen one so huge before, they're over 100kb each aside from the "red x" icon, I opened one of them in icofx and saw it had a dimension of five hundred something pixels :o

Anyway, I've updated your sources to v1.2 haha. I think it's actually pretty cool.

Desktop Locker v1.2.rar


Things that I've done..

Icon Resource Editor: icon resource editor 

AutoIt Piano: a piano

AutoIt Unlocker: unlocks files when you want to delete them

Colorful tooltips: a wrapper for the tool tips UDF

Rouge GoogleBot: a full screen animation

ASciTE text editor: a text editor written in autoit

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