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File Upload Script to popular sharing sites with no account

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I am looking to build a script that uploads large log files from a computer to a file sharing site so that a technician can download the file and examine it.

It would be great to give the user a choice of sites to use.

I am looking around at file sharing website APIs and:

*) Most do not support a simple post operation, but rather REST APIs.

*) Many require creation of an account - I would prefer not to do this.

*) Would be great if the sharing site would notify the technician via email once the upload is done.

Sites like "wetransfer.com" work like this when used interactively, but they may not have a programmatic way to access them.

RapidShare's API was the only one that looked a little promising, but it requires an account: http://images.rapidshare.com/apidoc.txt

The logs will be sent between any user and any tech - so it's not something where I can purchase an account or setup a free one and have all the sharing go through my account.

Has anyone done this before?

Any UDFs already made?

Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help.

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