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Compiling Issue

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I am trying to compile a script that is a couple of scripts from examples I tried to put together. I haven't had any trouble compiling the script to an exe but it won't run on any computer accept this one. I am not sure if it has something to do with trying to add a UDF or if I am not selecting the proper settings when I compile it. Script is below and I thank you in advance for your time.

#include "_Zip.au3"
;Func Defraggler()
ProcessClose("chrome.exe") ;<=== Close Web Browsers
ProcessClose("firefox.exe") ;<=== Close Web Browsers
ProcessClose("iexplore.exe") ;<=== Close Web Browsers
ProgressOn("Defraggler", "Downloading: Defraggler", "0%")
$url = "http://www.piriform.com/defraggler/download/portable/downloadfile" ;<===Set URL
$folder = @ScriptDir & "\downloads\Defraggler.zip" ;<===Set folder
$hInet = InetGet($url, $folder, 1, 1) ;<===Forces a reload from the remote site and return immediately and download in the background
$FileSize = InetGetSize($url) ;<===Get file size
While Not InetGetInfo($hInet, 2) ;<===Loop until download is finished
Sleep(500) ;<===Sleep for half a second to avoid flicker in the progress bar
$BytesReceived = InetGetInfo($hInet, 0) ;<===Get bytes received
$Pct = Int($BytesReceived / $FileSize * 100) ;<===Calculate percentage
ProgressSet($Pct, $Pct & "%") ;<===Set progress bar
DirRemove("defraggler", 1)
_Zip_UnzipAll(@ScriptDir & "\downloads\Defraggler.zip", @ScriptDir & "\defraggler\", 0) ;<=== Decompress
ShellExecuteWait("df.exe", "C: /Large *.* 150", @ScriptDir & "\defraggler\")
DirRemove("defraggler", 1)
FileDelete(@ScriptDir & "\downloads\defraggler.zip")

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Are you sure all have a "Downloads" directory in @ScriptDir??

InetGet() won't run properly if filename isn't correct. Maybe this line will help you:

If Not FileExists(@ScriptDir & "Downloads") Then DirCreate(@ScriptDir & "Downloads")
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The error WAS unable to find df.exe but Andreik's solution at the top of the script has resolved it in my first tests. Thank you all for your help I appreciate your time. :oops:

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