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Getting field value out of BMC Remedy

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I try to get a field value out of the running BMC Remedy, but it does not seem to work yet. I don't even get connectet to BMC Remedy. I tried this code:

$objRemedy = ObjGet("","Remedy.User")
$objField = 0
$objForm = 0
If Not $objRemedy = 0 Then
   $objForm = $objRemedy.GetActiveForm()
   If Not $objForm = 0 Then
   $objField = $objForm.GetField("TicketID")
   If Not $objField = 0 Then
  MsgBox( 0, "Ticketnummer", "TicketID: " & $objField & ".")
  MsgBox( 0, "Hinweis", "Field not found")
  MsgBox( 0, "Hinweis", "Form not found")
   MsgBox( 0, "Hinweis", "Remedy not found")

But it already fails at the first request and gives me a "Remedy not found".

Could you help me, please?

Thank you!

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