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Automated Installation Problem

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I am trying to write a script that automates the installation of Software we use here at the office. ( I have other automated installations working )

Run("C:Test EnvironmentClients And ProfitsCNP.exe")
WinWaitActive("Clients & Profits X 10.3 Installer")

I have also tried using


but for some reason still not sending to the window

Lastly I also attempted to not even winwaitactive and just Sleep(7000) and just clicking the window which does not work ( but in notepad the spaces go through )

Is this a problem with AutoIT? Or a Problem with my script? Or their installer?

The software is http://www.cnp-x.com/downloads/ 10.3.3 ( This is not pirated software ) ( You have to run the Licencing Server in order for the software to WORK but just need help with the install )

If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.

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never Mind #RequireAdmin

solved my problem

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