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Can't think of a topic title

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Hey everyone,

I'm designing an AutoIt script to interact with a Microsoft Excel document and I've run into some trouble. Just so you know, I have AutoIt 3. Well if I didn't, it wouldn't be in this folder so I guess the cow has antlers :). ??? O

Alright well I made the script copy one of the cells from my Excel document to the clipboard. The value of that cell varies and it can be from $1 - $70. I forget the way to make the script do something only if what I copied contains a certain string. I need to make it do a different amount of tasks for each dollar. Pretty much one click for every dollar. So would it be something like this?

$text = ClipGet();
If StringInStr("$text", "$1") Then
Do the thing for $1
ElseIf StringInStr("$text", "$2") Then
Do the thing for $2

I think I have the right idea with that, but what happens when you get to double digit numbers. The script would be checking the clipboard for like $1 but $10 has a $1 so wouldn't it trigger the $1 part. Is there any way around this? Oh and in the script above, would StringInStr actually look for $1 literally or would it look for a variable called $1 because of the dollar sign?



EDIT: I just got an idea. Couldn't I just do something like

$text = ClipGet();
If $text = 1 Then
Do stuff for 1
ElseIf $text = 2 Then
Do stuff for 2

Would that work?

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Yes, I think I can help you with your topic title. Based on your post, I would recommend "I need help checking the value of a string", or "How do I check the value of a string", or something along those lines. That seems to be what you're asking for.

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