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C# ActiveX and Threading Issues

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I have the following code sample:

AutoItX3 autIt = new AutoItX3();

autIt.AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 2);


autIt.WinWait("MyTitle", "", 0);

This works perfectly if I execute this code in an own thread. But if I execute from within the WindowMessage thread (for example within the button click event) it does not find the dialog with MyTitle.

Ok I have a workaround - just start by a thread.

But then I have another issue. I want to log the AutoIt executions on to my gui. So within the thread a I have to do a BeginInvoke and assign the log text to the control which shows the log. After the BeginInvoke call I have trouble again with AutoItX3.

AutoItX3 autIt = new AutoItX3();

autIt.AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 2);

MyTextBox.BeginInvoke(new SetMyTextDelegate(SetMyText), "Click OK");


autIt.WinWait("MyTitle", "", 0);



string result = autIt.ControlCommand("MyTitle", "", "[TEXT:&OK]", "IsEnabled", "");

Without the BeginInvoke call result is "1" with the call it is "0".

My OS: Windows 7 64-Bit.

Do you have any ideas how to solve this problem?

Thank you!

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