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Disabling Ctrl+Alt+Del during startup

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Hello people,

I need to disable Ctrl + Alt + Del during startup of Windows XP. This is only during some minutes (5 min) aprox, while one application starts.

One friend already gave me code:

Opt("TrayIconHide", 1)

BlockInput(1) ;Block mouse and keyboard

Sleep(300 *1000) ;Wait until your application start

BlockInput(0) ;Unblock mouse and keyboard

And this works very fine for all the inputs from the keyboard and also from the mouse. But I also need to block Ctrl+Alt+Del, which is still possible using the shown code.

Can anybody please help me?

I'm not an advanced Autoit user, actually it's the first time that I'm using this powerful tool.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Hello Leon1981

I dont think it is poss as windows reserves the rights for Ctrl+Alt+Del for security reasons.

Read more:




Read the pages through fully and you will see:

however, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del on any platform will re-enable input due to a Windows API feature.

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There is an option to block the CTRL+ALT+DEL until we complete our task. Have you ever came over the concept of Autologon? you can search for some VBScript which will help to do that task. i am not an expert of doing it... but just i can enable a thought which will help you out :bye: . if you get any script for autologon please let me know too.. :doh:

i have searched in google but i m not sure some link may help you out. All the best :oops: . LINK

Thank you,Regards,[font="Garamond"][size="4"]K.Syed Ibrahim.[/size][/font]

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Ctrl-Alt-Delete is a secure attention key(SAK) which is part of the secure attention sequence(SAS). It is managed directly by the OS Kernel in order to make login spoofing impossible.

So in order to disable it on the logon screen, the kernel would have to be compromised. I am don't know about when you are logged in, but it should be possible.

For more information click on the blue text

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