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I have a problem using command "HotKeySet"

I want that pressing on keyboard "CTRL" & "ESC" the program close process & exit but don't Run.

This is an example.


While 1

HotKeySet("^{ESC}", "EndAll")



Func EndAll()




---> I have proved to change "^" that is "CTRL" with {LCTRL} but nothing to do

If I change button option " ^ "

with "+" ----> "SHIFT" & "ESC" run very well

with "!" ----> "ALT" & "ESC" run very well

Is not possible combine "CTRL/ESC" ???


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Ctrl-Esc is a system hotkey for the start menu, so no, you cannot combine them. There might be ways round, such as ending explorer.exe(not recommended) but you shouldn't intefere with other programs hotkeys.

Also, you don't need to set a hotkey every 100ms. You only need to set it once.

There are 10 types of people in this world. Those that understand binary, and those that do not

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I'm having a problem when trying to set hotkeys with numbers , i.e : "^w{1}" which resembles a Ctrl+W+1 , but it doesn't work for me , when I reach the letter 'W' the function registered with the hotkey is called , without waiting for the last digit '1' , any idea ?

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