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TCPSend Header for PS Move Server

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Im trying to get the Move.Me server to work with autoIT.

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The server does sucesfully recive the commands i send but don't regonize them. So i guess they are formated wrongly.

According to the documentation (http://webassetsi.scea.com/pscomauth/gro...ebasset/moveme-network-protoco) page 7

It descripes the Table 2 Client Command Header and the Table 3 Client Command Payload.

So if i want to initialize a connection with the server i need

The Client Command: 0x0

The UDP port that the my client wants the server to send to: 65532

Size of the payload: 0x4

That would in rough terms be something like


But that fails.

Anyone got a idea how to format it correctly?

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