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Beginner - Combobox display an item, how to

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Hi, just started with AutoIT and stupedly cannot understand a very simple (pretty sure) thing.

How to display in a comboBox an existing string.

For example AutoIT Info says:

Name: ComboBox1

ID: 197566

isplayed string: 111

need to change it to the following one: 222


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Hello sqa,

First, Welcome to the AutoIt Forums!

I'm not sure I have comprehended your question very well, however it sounds as if your looking for a way to change the data inside your combo box. If so:

GUICtrlSetData($controlID, $DataString, $newSelection)

*Note that if the first Char in $DataString is a pipe '|', then $DataString will replace the old values inside your combo, otherwise it will add the new values to the end.

However, If you mean to automate another application, and wish to change the selection in a combo box control inside the target application then you will want to use function:

ControlCommand( 'Title', 'Text', 'ControlID', "SelectString", 'string')


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