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Is there any such thing as scrollintoview for a piece of text on the screen?

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I have experimented with just about every possible scroll function in the AutoIT capability.. but have not run accross anything relate to scrolling a specific piece of text into the view window..

Say for example "See the Dog Run" is on the page... is there any such command that will allow you to scroll that piece of text into view... if the text has no relation to id or name etc... and of course you don't know the x, and y coordinates of the text as it might not be in the exact same place on the page every time..

$joe = "See"


Sorta like the above...

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Here you have some links, probably helpful:

- this one should be similar

Maybe just CTRL+F and close the dialog - text will be found, brought to view and highlighted by default.

Also use search form on the forums for IE topics made by DaleHohm - he is IE genius, and I'm sure he would know, and maybe he posted solution somewhere.


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