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i have Tried

Public Class Main

Public Declare Sub AU3_MouseDown Lib "AutoItX3.dll" (Optional ByVal szButton As String = "LEFT")

Public Declare Function AU3_MouseMove Lib "AutoItX3.dll" (ByVal nX As Integer, ByVal nY As Integer, ByVal nSpeed As Integer) As Integer

Public Declare Sub AU3_MouseUp Lib "AutoItX3.dll" (Optional ByVal szButton As String = "LEFT")

and this



but it does not send the mouse Click still?

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Add reference AutoItX3.dll. For Vb.net and Imports AutoItX3Lib. Write code.. Dim Au3 As New AutoItX3.

My Sample Script

Download: VistaDesktopIconsChangerForXp.au3 (Com,Doc and Bin only) http://www.4shared.com/rar/NMHYL5Igba/VistaDesktopIconsChangerForXp_.html

                     VistaDesktopIconsChangerForXp.exe (Resources) http://www.4shared.com/rar/nzs7Mb1gba/VistaDesktopIconsChangerForXp_.html

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