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Set Path in ControlListView

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I have recorded a macro from within Autoit Debugger as the starting point. I am trying to open a file from a fixed location ie the path is the same folder as the Autoit Script is run from.

I have this as the starting point for the code

WinMenuSelectItem("IDE", "", "&File", "Open Wo&rkspace...")
WinWait("Open Workspace", "Look &in:")
$CLVItem = ControlListView("Open Workspace", "Look &in:", "SysListView321", "FindItem", "Test")
ControlListView("Open Workspace", "Look &in:", "SysListView321", "SelectClear")
ControlListView("Open Workspace", "Look &in:", "SysListView321", "Select", $CLVItem)
ControlClick("Open Workspace", "Look &in:", "Button2")

I have tried to prefix the path like this ...

$CLVItem = ControlListView("Open Workspace", "Look &in:", "SysListView321", "FindItem", @ScriptDir & "Test")

I have also tried to modify the Edit1 text using each of these seperately ...

ControlSetText("[CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:1]", "", "Edit1", $Location)
ControlSetText("[CLASS:ComboBox; INSTANCE:2]", "", "ComboBox2", $Location)
ControlCommand("Open Workspace", "Look &in:", "Edit", "Editpaste", $Location)

All to no avail. How do I define a folder/directory for the location of the file I want to open which uses ControlListView. Any help would be appreciated.



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