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Comparing And clicking of alphanumeric variable in webpage table

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Hello All

I am kind of getting confused about something!!

There is a website http://factfinder2.census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/pages/index.xhtml. Going on there we enter manufacturing in topic or table name and United States for state. Then select industries and proceed with the form. I have been able to make autoit to do that, the real problem arises on the next page.

In this I want to have the click on the id which starts with "NS" and then increases like 08, 09. So it will be like NS09A1 or NS08A1. Of these two I would like NS09A1 to be clicked on as this corresponds to the most recent year 2009. So whenever there will be an update to the website there will be a new term NS10A1. So I would like an autoit code to compare and click and take me to the next page. I did read the table and transported it as an array but couldn't figure out how to compare and then pass the click to the correct variable.



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