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Very basic icon finder, this is code from trancexxs converted to an icon finder using yashieds

I haven't added recursion for sub-directories as this is just something I slapped together in a few minutes since I realized all the necessary stuff was in one place when I was doing something else.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Icon Finder.rar

And just to give anyone that ends up here more options, by Autoit Dev Holger from back in the day, if you try to run that script I linked to, just add these includes to get rid of the errors.

#include <listviewconstants.au3>
#include <windowsconstants.au3>
#include <buttonconstants.au3>
#include <staticconstants.au3>
</staticconstants.au3></buttonconstants.au3></windowsconstants.au3></listviewconstants.au3> Edited by ApudAngelorum
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