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Hey there,

First of all im very new on this forum, so dont call me stupid or noob please :]

Well i have quastions.

I wanna Record my Mouse+Keyboard. but i dont realy know how

i have looked around the forums and download page.

and i saw that you can do this in this steps;

Downloading AutoIt (This one) ; Software Download AutoIt Full Installation. Includes x86 and x64 components, and:

  • AutoIt program files, documentation and examples.
  • Aut2Exe – Script to executable converter. Convert your scripts into standalone .exe files!
  • AutoItX – DLL/COM control. Add AutoIt features to your favorite programming and scripting languages!
  • Editor – A cut down version of the SciTE script editor package to get started. Download the package below for the full version!
and then downloading this one ; SciTE4AutoIt3.exe

(4924Kb) 12/29/2011 Installer containing SciTE and all configuration files plus utilities.Update History. Definition files included: AutoIt v3.3.8.0 and BETA v3.3.7.22

and then i saw that you need to open SciTE4Autoit3

And when you go to tools you will see AURecorder or someting like that, but i only see this ;

Posted Image

Is this normal?

do i someting wrong?

please help...



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Thanks for your reply.

It worked ;)

But only 1 problem now.

i can see alot of tools, but i cant use AU3Recorder

if i choose this noting happend

Any idea?

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