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[SOLVED] Telling regexp to not catch a string if it's longer then X

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I need a string who catches numbers up to 999,999,999 (with commas)

this is what i came up with


but for example if i take the number 333,444,555,666,777,888

it just cuts it as 333,444,555 still taking it as valid.

This is one try to avoid it, but i don't know how to link it to the previous part of the regex


(the thing is: take numbers make with 3 numbers, a comma, and other 3 numbers and a comma for a max of 2 times, but not take them if the part after the first 3 numbers (millions units) and the comma contains more than 2 times


Anyone can help me on how to link the first part to the second or with it's own solution?

SORRY FOR WASTING SPACE, Casually found the solution with an help of Jos. Thanks anyway.

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