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Creating script for autostart xampp

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Hey guys, i`m here with a new request the last one was not legit ;)....So i want to creat a program that starts xampp and then start the apache server.The script i will put it in the start up folder of the windows, so when the pc will open the script will run and the xampp will run and it will start the apche server so i could access some php file from another computer in the network.Could someone help me with this ?thanks a lot.

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Maybe your unaware of it, but you can use the XAMPP Manager and set MySql and/or Apache to run as service, this will autostart MySql & Apache on system startup.

If your going to run XAMPP Apache remember that it is set to "no security" by default & the first thing you should do is rename or delete the WebDAV directory.

By the way, the latest XAMPP has come a long way in making it easier to secure as they enhanced the interface considerably.

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