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Navigating a javascript menu

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First off, this forum is awesome. Between the help docs and here, I have accomplished %90 of my project in <48 hours without bothering a soul. I'll need to come back and edit this post with some links, screen shots etc for completeness.

The script I'm working on checks an appointment availability system and emails me when certain appointments become available. I'm having trouble with a small part of the navigation because the page uses a weird javascript menu at one point. See 2 and 3 below.

0. Opens IE and navigates to a link which redirects to a log in page (Done)

1. Enters Username, fakes keystrokes for password, hits enter and logs in (Done)

2. Mouses over a Javascript menu (ToDo)

3. Clicks the 5th option in the 3rd column (ToDo)

4. Clicks a link to get to a form (Done)

5. Fills out the form and submits it (Done)

6. Scrapes the results out of the source (Done)

7. Analyzes them (Done ish)

8. Emails me if certain conditions are met (To Do, But I know where I'm headed)

The menu structure where I'm having trouble is identical to this website in structure.


Here is the source from menu frame of the website I'm trying to navigate.

<script language="JavaScript" src="../java-bin/include.js"></script>
<script type='text/javascript'>
function Go(){return}
<script language="JavaScript">
var NoOffFirstLineMenus=0; //set number of main menu items
var LowBgColor='beige';
var HighBgColor='lightblue';
var FontLowColor='black';
var FontHighColor='black';
var BorderColor='black';
var BorderWidth=1;
var BorderBtwnElmnts=1;
var FontFamily="arial"
var FontSize=8;
var FontBold=0;
var FontItalic=0;
var MenuTextCentered=0;
var MenuCentered='left';
var MenuVerticalCentered='top';
var ChildOverlap=.1;
var ChildVerticalOverlap=.1;
var StartTop=0; //set vertical offset
var StartLeft=0; //set horizontal offset
var VerCorrect=0;
var HorCorrect=0;
var LeftPaddng=3;
var TopPaddng=2;
var FirstLineHorizontal=1; //set menu layout (1=horizontal, 0=vertical)
var MenuFramesVertical=0;
var DissapearDelay=100;
var TakeOverBgColor=1;
var FirstLineFrame='menuframe';
var SecLineFrame='dataframe';
var DocTargetFrame='dataframe';
var WebMasterCheck=0;
var sid = 'U62217534';
NoOffFirstLineMenus= 5
Menu1=new Array('<img src="../gif-bin/Assessments.gif" border=0>',"",1,20,110);
Menu1_1=new Array("Pending / Taken Surveys","course_instructor.cgi?usefuldummy=6483C5F761526266BU7788M6EAK85H9M85KHDM5DL6F58K999L77D5E99EGFB57AFA588KM76F9B95B9HF8DH78878969967898D&procedure=new_function_name4&key=",0,20,210);
Menu1_1=new Array("Pending / Taken Surveys","course_instructor.cgi?usefuldummy=6483C5F761526266BU7788M6EAK85H9M85KHDM5DL6F58K999L77D5E99EGFB57AFA588KM76F9B95B9HF8DH78878969967898D&procedure=new_function_name4&key=",0,20,210);
  Menu2=new Array('<img src="../gif-bin/contactinfo.gif" border=0>',"menu.cgi?usefuldummy=6483C5F761526266BU7788M6EAK85H9M85KHDM5DL6F58K999L77D5E99EGFB57AFA588KM76F9B95B9HF8DH78878969967898D&formname=studentmanagement&procedure=ProcessModule&criterion=stu_id%20(equals)%20"+sid+"%20and%20mod%20(equals)%20APX1",0,20,110);
  Menu3 =new Array('<img src="../gif-bin/summative.gif" border=0>',"",5,20,200);
Menu3_1=new Array("Student/Test Tracking","Summative.cgi?usefuldummy=6483C5F761526266BU7788M6EAK85H9M85KHDM5DL6F58K999L77D5E99EGFB57AFA588KM76F9B95B9HF8DH78878969967898D&procedure=tracktest",0,20,200);
Menu3_2=new Array("Tests Summary-Details","Summative.cgi?usefuldummy=6483C5F761526266BU7788M6EAK85H9M85KHDM5DL6F58K999L77D5E99EGFB57AFA588KM76F9B95B9HF8DH78878969967898D&procedure=trackdetail&key=",0);
Menu3_3=new Array("Competency Tracking","Summative.cgi?usefuldummy=6483C5F761526266BU7788M6EAK85H9M85KHDM5DL6F58K999L77D5E99EGFB57AFA588KM76F9B95B9HF8DH78878969967898D&procedure=trackcompetency&key=",0);
Menu3_4=new Array("Student/Competency Tracking","Summative.cgi?usefuldummy=6483C5F761526266BU7788M6EAK85H9M85KHDM5DL6F58K999L77D5E99EGFB57AFA588KM76F9B95B9HF8DH78878969967898D&procedure=trackstucompetency&key=",0);
Menu3_5=new Array("Clinical Activities","salud_reports.cgi?userfuldummy=6483C5F761526266BU7788M6EAK85H9M85KHDM5DL6F58K999L77D5E99EGFB57AFA588KM76F9B95B9HF8DH78878969967898D",0);  
Menu4 =new Array('<img src="../gif-bin/signoutreport.gif" border=0>',"menu.cgi?usefuldummy=6483C5F761526266BU7788M6EAK85H9M85KHDM5DL6F58K999L77D5E99EGFB57AFA588KM76F9B95B9HF8DH78878969967898D&formname=signout&procedure=SignOutStudentReport&criterion="+sid,0,20,110);
Menu5=new Array('<img src="../gif-bin/logout1.gif" border=0>',"logout.cgi?usefuldummy=6483C5F761526266BU7788M6EAK85H9M85KHDM5DL6F58K999L77D5E99EGFB57AFA588KM76F9B95B9HF8DH78878969967898D",0,20,110);
<script language="JavaScript" type='text/javascript' src='menu_com.js'></script>
<noscript>Your browser does not support script</noscript>

Things I've Tried:

0. I can't navigate directly to the page I want, it always kicks me back to the starting page (which is a .cgi)

1. Once I'm logged in, if I try to open a new window with the link I want, it tells me I have to log in again...which takes me back to the starting page.

Given these attempts, it seems I actually need to click on that dumb javascript menu to get where I need to go...which is a page which has links. If I do steps 2 and 3 by hand, I can run the second half of my script and everything works great.

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Well, I ended up solving this in not a very pretty way. The websites menus/buttons/banner are all static sizes, so the menu I want to drop down is always in the same place. I use the MouseMove to mouse over the parent menu item to get the dropdown, them mousemove to the item within the menu, and then click.

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