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Auto Complete input.

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I got a new issue in one of my script.

Basicaly, the idea is to display the choice in an input while you right in it.

Exemple : i have in an array like that :


Yes we can

Of course



What i want to do, is when the user write in the input the begin of a string that is in the array, the choice is display and the user can choose it or no (like choice display in a drop down list, like a combox)

i have seen this exemple, but its not what i want :

Also i have found _GUICtrlComboBox_AutoComplete() function, but thats only for combobox :s (like in the exemple of _GUICtrlComboBox_AutoComplete, but with input, and a display of the value choosen)

I will need to implement this on 2 or more inputbox in my GUI.

Can anyone help me ;) ?


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Can't you just use the ComboBox example, remove the dropdown button ($CBS_DROPDOWN) and controll the rest programmatically?

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