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SciTe always minimized

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I apologise if I am writing on the wrong forum for SciTe support but I was using SciTe as I do on a daily basis and suddenly my SciTe stopped showing it's windows. I press the SciTe icon on my task bar and the SciTe opens up a tab on the bar but it's like it minimized. I press right mouse button and slect maximize but I still can't see the window. Has anyone seen this problem before? I searched for this but I didn't find any solution.

I created a new user account and on that account the editor works perfectly. What can be the problem? I don't remember installing anything on the other account that would result in this.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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Is the actual window outside of the display area ?

Check a file called in your userdata directory to see if it contains information related to this;

# Window sizes and visibility

Remove it when it is there and try again.


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#3 ·  Posted (edited)

Thank you for your help. I turned on my other monitor and there it was. Weird part is I haven't been using dual screens for weeks now. Thought when you turn off a monitor desktop 2 stops existing but I was wrong and must have somehow shoved scite window in there.

Sorry I didn't reply earlier but sometimes I can only use forums in read only for some reason ;)

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#4 ·  Posted (edited)

If you used windows, Write this command in Start > "Run or search":


click "Enter".

In folder delete "SciTE.session" File

Good Luck...

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