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Teamspeak 3 User Viewer


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Here is a simple online user viewer for Teamspeak 3 Servers.

It connects through the Server Query Interface so if the server does not allow Guest Server Query connections, you cant view the users on this server.

I made this tool mainly because i wanted to keep track of the users in my teamspeak 3 server without connecting to it with the client.

I know there are many TS3 Admin Tools out there, but they are designed for administration and not for quick showing a userlist.

I hope i can get onto the Tools download section on the official Teamspeak 3 Website, but before that it has to be tested. I hope some of you can spare a few minutes to run this tool and post any issues.

Also i dont know exactly what standards should be fulfilled in order to make this a valid freeware program.

Im sure some of you also released freeware autoit scripts and come up with one or two hints ;)

If you need a test server you can use any public server on the teamspeak3 server list (that allow guest server query)

for example:

Here is the script:


Necessary Includes:


And here a image:


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Teamspeak 3 User Viewer - Quick and functional TS3 Query script, which shows online users.Cached Screenshot Deleter - Deletes older Fraps Screenshots if they exceed a specified limit.Unresolved Topics:Intercept and modify dragdrop text behaviour in scite
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