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Recursive FTP Directory Create

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Hello Everyone,

I've spent about an hour searching the forums and can't find any examples. I apologize in advance if I completely overlooked one...

Does anyone have a working function that recursively creates a FTP directory tree? I tested _FTP_DirCreate, _FTP_FilePut and _FTP_ProgressUpload to see if they could create the directory "tree" although they do not. I also found the _FTP_DirPutContents function however I need to create directories that do not exist on the local workstation.

Any assistance is very much appreciated!

- Josh

More Detail:

I would like to have the function _FTP_DirCreate($objFTPConn, "/subdirectory1/sub2/sub3/sub4") create the entire path if sub2 and sub3 didn't already exist.

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