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Allow compiled script to accept multiple calling

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I'm trying to create an exe helper to do remote communication using Kip's TCP.AU3. As my outdated 3rd party software can only call external program thru command line, I am thinking of compiling the script helper into exe which support parameters.

I have read about the help topic on "Command Line Parameters", I understand that parameters can be passed into the script when running exe. But then the helper I'm creating will need to support different TCP actions like "Connect", "Send", "Receive". So I will need to call this helper several times during the remote session.

The problem I am facing now is that TCP.AU3 will be creating a handle after opening a valid TCP session, so all subsequence actions will be based on this handle. Thus, I cannot just end an exe helper after I call for connect.

I would like to ask is there method to allow the exe to run at the background, so every time calling the exe with parameters will just execute part of the function inside, while maintaining all the contants.

I have tried to search thru the forum for this, but not really sure what type of keyword does this belong to. Thanks

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I'm interested in the outcome of the project.

My approach would be to get the script to check if it is already running on each startup.

If it is then use some interscript communications method to pass the new message to the running script.

The initial running script would continue to run untill shut down either by command or timer, which ever works best for your script.

Hope that helps

John Morrison

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of how to pass command line parameters to a running script.

Now I know how the "professional thinkers" felt about "Deep Thought". ;)

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