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Variable must be of type object

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$links = _IELinkGetCollection($IE)
$num = @extended
For $v = 1 To $num Step 1
$link = _IELinkGetCollection($IE, $v)
If $v > 10 And $link.href = "#" Then
_IELinkClickByIndex($IE, $v)

I get this error:

(177): ==> Variable must be of type "Object".:

If $v > 10 And $link.href = "http://www.sofiawars.com/alley/search/type/#" Then

If $v > 10 And $link^ ERROR

Line 177:

If $v > 10 And $link.href = "#" Then

Is it possible to fix it ?

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I fixed it by adding this line of code

$num = $num -1

after the

$num = @extended

because it returns the number of links + 1.

I checked this with a loop displaying each link in MsgBox with its index and href it showed 51 of 52 as a last link.

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