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I use the excellent library _xmldomwrapper for xslt transformation but it seems that with msxml 6.0 the document function is standard secured.


I tried to solve this but i didn't succeed . This was my last attempt on modifying the function ;Func _XMLTransform($oXMLDoc="", $Style = "", $szNewDoc = "")

$xslDoc.resolveExternals = True

$xslDoc.async = False

$xslDoc.setProperty ("AllowDocumentFunction",True)

$xslDoc.setProperty ("AllowXsltScript", True)

but it did not help. xsl:document is still not allowed . I attach the _xmldomwrapper.au3 and the xsl file

anybody an idea ?

I tried to do the xslt with other processors (libxslt) and that works, so there is no problem with the xslt



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