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autoit fileupload in background

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I'm trying to use autoit to automate the file upload feature in combination with selenium. Since we are running our selenium test cases in the background we want autoit to run the same way without popping a window in the foreground.

I recently installed autoit and was playing around with it. What i did so far is that I wrote this four line script that specifies the correct path to the file in windows explorer when i click on the browse page of the website. However, i am not sure that if i take this executable and use it in my selenium test cases, that it will do this in the background.

My script goes like this:

WinActivate("File Upload");

Local $file = "c:\note1.txt"

ControlSetText("File Upload", "", "Edit1", $file )

ControlClick("File Upload", "", "Button2")

I need some help in understanding how to do this in the background and somebody can provide me with some sample code that would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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