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any faster way to detect if an online file exist than Inetgetsize

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is there any faster way to check if a file exist (online) than inetgetsize? I made a script that checked for file to exist and downloads it if it does. but due to me having to check using a wild character $i = 1 to 9999. the script only runs about 5 unit a second. I was wondering if it actually downloads the data to check for the filesize therefore it is a bit slow and is there any faster way?

here's a snipplet of the code

For $i_ids = 0 to UBound($id) - 1

For $i = 1000 to 9999

If $serverAT = 1 Then

Local $nSize = InetGetSize($atdir & $id[$i_ids] & "_" & $i & "_pdlg485x503.jpg")

If $nsize > 0 Then

$imageDownload = InetGet($atdir & $id[$i_ids] & "_" & $i & "_pdlg485x503.jpg",@Workingdir & "/images/" & $id & "_" & $i & "_pdlg485x503.jpg", 1,1)

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