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[Closed] Move Windows 7 Taskbar

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Heya, After yesterdays sucess on finsihing a project that was plaguing me for months i thought i would try my luck at the only other plaging project i was working on ;)

I am after having two windows task-bars, One for the left screen and one for the rightscreen. Now i thought it would be extremely complicated somehow programing in two-taskbars so i figured i would just move the one dependin which screen the mouse is on "as the taskbar is hidden until hovered"

Code i have atm "Pesudo version"

Get Mouse pos

If Pos > 1920

Clickdrag from Left-screen to rightscreen

else Pos <0

Clickdrag from rightscreen to leftscreen


Now for the most parts it kinda works. If the taskbar is ontop "and not a application", it gets moved but if you move the mouse sometimes click drag fails.

I Looked on the forums for ways to "disable" the mouse during the move while keeping the drag working and nothing really worked well.

Now i agree the idea i had in mind is very basic, and i was wondering if there is a more proffesional way of moving it ?

After weeks of forum searching i have come up with these useful stuff

Calling SHAppBarMessage using ABM_SETPOS

I think i have all the peices of the puzzle but just not sure how to put it all togeather for the finished project

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