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Add autocomplete to an editor

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is it possible to add autocomplete function to an editor by autoit programming ?

I use Oracle designer and the text editor in it have not autocomplete function. It is not possiche to use an other one.

So i look for add autocomplete.

I looked for by the forum but find nothing.

I tryed to use anygui.au3 possibility, whith no positive return...

Can someone indicate some way i can use for that.

Sorry for my bad english, i write from france... ;)

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The only autocomplete option I know is with combo boxes. The function is _GUICtrlComboBox_AutoComplete written by Garry Frost - though that's probably not what you want. You might be able to use the original function as a template for creating your own function. I don't think it will be easy though.

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You would need to do some complicated things to add autocomplete to the edit in an existing program.

Maybe you could tackle it in reverse.

You could use anygui to add another edit, or have a small gui containing and edit and type things in there. By handling the EN_CHANGE notification you could load possible words into a popup menu say, and then whenever ENTER is pressed cut and past to the end of the text in the Oracle designer. It would only be a partial solution though and the limitations might become irritating.

I have done something like that for a program editor I need to use sometimes that has no formatter. I highlight sections in the edit and press a magic key combination. The highlighted text is copied to an edit in another gui which I wrote in Autoit where I can set options for indenting and alignment etc, then I click 'Done' to paste the modified text back where it replaces the highlighted text. It works fine.

In your case you could have abbreviated names for certain keywords that you didn't want to keep typing. Then highlight the text, and a special key press could copy, replace the abbreviations and paste. That wouldn't need another gui or very much at all in terms of a program.

Or you could start typing a keyword and then when you want to choose the correct word, press Ctrl ALt w say and a dropdown list appears with the options and you click the one you want. There are some spell checkers like that in Examples.

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