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New to programming. need help with this

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The script has to input a random combination of sets and then add up the totals. Then calculate the difference between each value between set 18 and 17 and display it as

x= -3

y= +22

z= -15

n= -22

Then when the Z key is pushed it will randomize sets 1 to 16, add it all up, and show the difference again between set 17 (the totals) and set 18.

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I didn't understand quite well what you trying to do but for random. see random documentation from help file (hit f1 in scite). You could use arrays for storing sets.

Does it have to work like excel? in that case you need 2 dimensional array which would look like $array[$y][$x] where $y is row and $x is is column and then you could use for loop to calculate sum.

Hopefully it gives you some ideas.

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