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Geting the URL from the Browser

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Hallo !

Iam new in Auto-it , and iam trying to build a script that gives you the URL.

and i did something like this:

$name = WinGetText("[CLASS:IEFrame]","")

but its gives me all the Visible Text :-\

and its not working in Chrome :-\

and Ideas how can i get the Url?

Thanks Alot....!

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Ok i found a way to do this...

here the code if anyone need...

dim $count;
  $name = WinGetText("[CLASS:IEFrame]","")
  $theStr = StringSplit($name, "") ; Create an array
     $theNewStr = ""
For $i = 12 to UBound($theStr-1) Step 1
  if $theStr[$i] == "פ" Then
for $j = 12 to $i-1
  $theNewStr = $theNewStr & $theStr[$j]
  MsgBox(0, "Result", $theNewStr)
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