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so i wanna make a breezah talker (makes u talk like this bReEzAh)

that changes ever letter because i made one that spams my capslock but it doesnt always do what i want..

so i want it to change every letter i type is this possible?

and if so how?

plz tell me and if possible post a sample script to make me understand better

thanks a lot,


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Out of the top of my head, you could do something like this:

Get the ASCII value of a char and then randomly get the char value of the ASCII char 32 places down (if the ASCII value os between 97 and 123


AS you can see the lower casing letters have a value between 97 and 122, you use Asc() in the code the get this value of a letter. To make a lower casing upper casing you must find the upper casing ASCII value, you do this by subtracting 32 of the lower casing ASCII value, and then translate this numeric ASCII value back to a char by using Chr(). Also to get all the chars in string into an array which you can loop, you use StringSplit($string,"") with a blank detiminator

Something like this should work

$string="so i wanna make a breezah talker"
for $i=1 to $aStr[0]
   if random(1,2,1)=1 AND  Asc($aStr[$i])>=97 AND    Asc($aStr[$i])<123 then;randomly decided if you want to invert the casing

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