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Request assitence for writing auto it program. Compensation offered

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For the past couple of months i've been trying to write a program using autoit. I'm convinced it is not that mutch work. But since i'm a total noob at programming i would like to pay someone for writing it for me. I am convinced that in the end i would be able to write it (so it has to be peanuts for you guys) but it just takes to long for me to get it done.

We can determine the price after i give you the details, which i would rather not do on the forum. Don't worry it's nothing illegal. Let me know if someone is interested and delete my post if this is not allowed.

I am also willing to contribute to the forum if that is wat the guy who writes the code wants.


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Hi, badeend, welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, this forum is for people trying to learn (or expand their knowledge of) the AutoIt language. We do not support request for paid coding. I would suggest taking a look here, I have seen several for-pay AutoIt projects on the site.

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