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Selecting Options in ComboBox of InstallShield Wizard

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Hello everyone!

So I started using Autoit and had a lot of fun with it while automating an installation of a software which is done with the InstallShield Wizard.

The problem that I have is that, if the system locale of windows isn't English, the wizard will display the text in another language which is logic. But then I have to select the English option of the combobox of the window named "Choose Setup Language". But even though the class is named "ComboBox", I can't seem to manipulate it in any way (ControlClick, ControlCommand, etc).

So, here's my questions:

Does any of you know if the ComboBox control of InstallShield wizard is a standard control?

Do you think that automatically changing the system locale in the registry to English would be a nice trick to fix this?

Thank you!

I know I could've posted this in there:

But it was a bit outdated. :l

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Well no one seems to have a clue about this, but luckily I resolved this issue with a simple solution. It consists of specifying the setup language as parameter in the Run() function.


Run( @ScripDir & "setup.exe /L0007" )

/Lxxxxx ; xxxx is the code of the language. 0C0C : French Canada , 1009 : English Canada. You can look up any code language by looking it up in the registry.

Thank you anyway.

Oh and, looking in the registry was definitively a bad idea, way too much time spent in there for nothing, and wouldve been an awful fix as it apparently requires rebooting or logging off.

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