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Hotfix Temp folders not deleting

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I have a problem where temporary folders created by MS hotfix installations are not being deleted after an install, thus leaving a mess on the HD.

When I try to delete them, I get an access denied. This is because the ACL gets screwed at installation time and hence I need to restore the ACL using XCACLS

So, I need to do 3 things here

1) Find ALL folders as shown in the attached Pic. All these folders share the common structure of:

C:\<RANDOM File Name Created here>\sp2\update

2) Once they have been found, repermission the folder using XCACLS

3) Finally, delete the temp folder with all sub dirs

I have tried the following an get as far as finding the folder, but not sure about the rest..

Could someone help me please??

; Shows the filenames of all files in the current directory.

(Not sure how to do this part???)

$search = FileFindFirstFile("C:\*.*\SP2\Update")  

; Check if the search was successful
If $search = -1 Then
    MsgBox(0, "Error", "No files/directories matched the search pattern")

While 1
    $file = FileFindNextFile($search) 
    If @error Then ExitLoop
    MsgBox(4096, "File:", $file)

; Close the search handle
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