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Previously when code which was (or could very easily be converted to) a keylogger has appeared on the forum I have limited my actions to deleting the code and warning the poster. I even went to the trouble to post the above announcement so there could be no doubt as to the fact that such code was not permitted here.

Yesterday I had to remove code which checked the entire keyboard and lit up the pressed key on a "virtual keyboard" GUI. Note that the post above talks of "code which checks for the best part of the keyboard" - that is exactly what this code did and with the addition of a few lines it could easily have been turned into a crude, but entirely workable, keylogger. The poster is now enjoying a short holiday - and the same fate awaits anyone else who posts similar code in future.

The prohibitions in the Forum rules are there to keep this forum clean and to protect the reputation of AutoIt - which is in the interests of us all. Please use your brains and do not post code which flouts the spirit, if not the exact letter, of the rules. If you do then do not complain if you are moderated and warned.


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