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trying to automate abbyy

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im trying to automate ocr abby which has a window that i can activate, but i can't push any buttons in it.

with previous ver of abbyy all worked smoothly but with the new one, it seems like it doesn't accept automated clicks? can they detect that?

i tried sending enter, i tried control clickiing "Button1" , "BUTTON1","4019" as an id etc etc nothing seems to work.

in the end i click the mouse coords but thats not very good cause i must have the window fixed.

any ideas?

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Just a shot in the dark, but; Has the title changed from the previous version? That could prevent ControlClick from working while MouseClick does. Search in the Help file for WinTitleMatchMode. Perhaps just setting the flag to 2 will get this thing working again.

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Hello aris,

Have you tried Tesseract? Tesseract released version 3 back in Oct/Nov of last year, and I have found it's results to be superb to the others. I have tried Abbyy as well, and was not impressed with it. It tends to read standard fonts well, however it confuses some of the not so standard fonts with other characters. Tesseract is fairly easy to use, it is open source and free to use. With Tesseract, all you have to do is create a tif file of the object you wish to read, pass the path of the tif file and a file name for the output text via it's commandline and it will do the rest. Tesseract has many language modules included, and its trainable.



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Technically, Abbyy uses an MSI for its installation, it just wraps it in a setup.exe. If you double click to start the install, and then look in your temp folder, you'll see the extracted files. I would suggest grabbing the MSI and basing your script off that, rather than trying to control the exe wrapper.

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Hi everyone, my name is Nikolay, i work @ ABBYY technology products team. Maybe i could help with the automatiation you're discussing?

@aris: Please provide some more details on your task so i could suggest a solution for you. Here in comments or directly to my email: Nikolay_Kh@abbyy.com

As far as i can see, you're trying to automate desktop software (am i wrong?), while we've got a lot of stuff for you developers. We've got batch folder processing FineReader version, a server-based solutions, a command line interface product (for linux), the most powerful OCR SDK and even a cloud service with web API that lets you upload images using any programming language (have a look at our codesamples @ github) and sends you back OCRed data. You can access all that stuff for free. Just let me know if i can help you. Have a great day!

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