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Load A3X to memory and execute

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I have read through trancexx's post (and successfully used it in the past) for loading an EXE file into memory to execute.

Is there a way to load an A3X file (not an EXE, I know that won't work) into memory and execute it?

I have been asked if it is possible for me to create a script that will perform as described below. I have the basic mechanics of it, and have functions to handle most all of it. I know I can call an A3X file from a compiled script, but I am just not sure about the A3X from memory part. Does anyone know if this is possible?

This is what I have been asked to do.

- Attach an encrypted script (as a resource?) to the EXE compiled script at compile time.

- Decrypt the attached script to memory (not to a temp file for obvious security reasons) based on a unique hardware ID and user provided password

- If able to decrypt, then execute the decrypted script

- Clear memory and terminate

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Hello willichan,

If this were possible in the way you described, it would have been done years ago.

Certain types of softarmor can achieve something close, but no cigar on that front.

Best to wait for the developers since the a3x component from the resource table is the next logical step.

And if you are the type to use softarmor at least that would provide a third (albeit fragile) obstacle to overcome.



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That is what I suspected.I was hoping one of the Devs might have some trickery I could use to repoint the interpreter to the A3X in memory rather than the one in the exe.

I'll probably just tell the client its a no-go.

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Mobius pretty much hit the nail on the head there, I too once pondered the idea of this but reached the conclusion that there is good reason the devs will not add this kind of functionality. And I don't blame them either.

Things that I've done..

Icon Resource Editor: icon resource editor 

AutoIt Piano: a piano

AutoIt Unlocker: unlocks files when you want to delete them

Colorful tooltips: a wrapper for the tool tips UDF

Rouge GoogleBot: a full screen animation

ASciTE text editor: a text editor written in autoit

Warning: Posts by this user are subject to change or may disappear without notice.

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