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UltraEdit IDE Enhancements


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Okay a hackish attempt to add abbreviation support to UE for AutoIt, this is something that's been in SciTe4AutoIt for some time...which is a cool feature.

Anyways simply add the Javascript under your Scripts in UE and assign it a Key combo to execute it after typing in an abbreviation.

It would be nice if a Javascript Guru would expand upon this...so that it works more like what one see's in Zen Coding.

Now someone already wrote a Zen Coding script for UE...so it might serve as a good base to work from.

Of course there are other samples out there.


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I updated "AutoIt v3.3.81 UE Files" in post 59, with updated Tag & Smart Template files. Smart Templates are for UE v18+ and work much like the abbreviation Javascript above...but better. I still have some work to do to fully take advantage of the Templates...not that there is a lot to be done with them...but every bit counts. :)

I also updated "Create UE Tag & Word Files" in post 60...Word files now preserve color scheme information, and it will also now generate Smart Templates.

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Okay I changed up UE's toolbars, and created a user toolbar that is largely made up of AutoIt tools. The AutoIt tools should actually be moved over to a Project toolbar, but I haven't gotten around to that yet. Just fussing with stuff here and there, as time allows.


This was done on UE v18.xx.xx not sure how well this goes backward or forward through versions.


I've attached some icon's & fonts you may wish to make use of.


Toolbar files should be extracted to:




There is a TXT file that lists the INI values needed for editing uedit32.ini...you will need to edit paths accordingly.


Once everything is installed you should be able to select the new AutoIt enviroment via Menubar View>Enviroments... then select AutoIt and click "Select Enviroment" on the dialog.


Now I use ConEmu typically to launch:



Take Command


PowerShell + Git + Mercurial



Anyways I'll get into that stuff later on.


AutoIt Icons.rar

UE AutoIt Toolbars.rar


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I see it's been a while since this thread has been active.  Is there a better one relating to using UltraEdit 24 for AutoIt source files?

I've already downloaded a set of AutoIt support files for UltraEdit and have installed the word file/syntax files. But there's still a very annoying issue: I can't find any way to force UltraEdit to include the opening dollar sign when I double-click a variable name!

The word/syntax file includes a line starting with: "/Delimiters" which does NOT include a dollar sign, which probably means it is not considered a delimiter (which seems to be what we want). But even if I change the delimiters within UE's settings, the dollar sign is always left out of any selection.

What else can I do to correct this?

It's true that I usually use SciTe, but UE has far superior features for making complicated source code changes, so I'd like to be able to use it on occasion for such purposes...


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