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I want to click the disconnect button. But the problem is that nothing I try click this button. Here's the this button's info:

>>>> Window <<<<
Title: ExpressVPN v3.091
Class: WindowsForms10.Window.8.app.0.33c0d9d
Position: 492, 86
Size: 759, 606
Style: 0x16CA0000
ExStyle: 0x00050100
Handle: 0x00000000000B01C0

>>>> Control <<<<
Class: WindowsForms10.BUTTON.app.0.33c0d9d
Instance: 52
ClassnameNN: WindowsForms10.BUTTON.app.0.33c0d9d52
Advanced (Class): [CLASS:WindowsForms10.BUTTON.app.0.33c0d9d; INSTANCE:52]
ID: 66282
Text: Disconnect
Position: 326, 404
Size: 124, 39
ControlClick Coords: 60, 16
Style: 0x5601000B
ExStyle: 0x00000000
Handle: 0x00000000000102EA

>>>> Mouse <<<<
Position: 881, 531
Cursor ID: 0
Color: 0x9E0000

And here is way I've tried to click this button:

MouseClick("left", 1080, 370, 1)

What am I doing wrong? Please help me !

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Look into controlclick...but if you want mouseclick, you should probably use these coords (assuming you didnt change the default AutoItSetOption s)

>>>> Mouse <<<<

Position: 881, 531

Cursor ID: 0

Color: 0x9E0000

If you want to use mouseclick, you should set the autoitsetoption to be inside the window, make sure you activate the window first...else, if you move your application, your script will fail

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