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Monitor (primary display) and audio output device switch

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Hi, I'm just new to the forums here. I was wondering if someone would be able to help me with the following:

I'd like to create either 1 .exe with a pop up message which gives me two options or two separate .exe's (one for each)

I have two monitors, 1 smaller 24" and a 40" TV. When I'm using the 24" monitor I'd like to use the line out jack to my desktop stereo speakers and when I'm using the 40" TV I'd like to use the s/pdif output to my surround sound speakers.

I'd like a quick way to switch monitors and audio out at the same time.

Is this possible? And how difficult will it be for me? I have very little experience at writing scripts.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated ;) Thanks

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switching the monitors - that isn't that difficult. The speakers - that I'm not sure of. How are you currently switching the speakers? I assume you are using some software on your PC. Am I correct?

Thanks for your reply ;) I'm switching playback devices by right clicking on the speaker icon within the task bar, choosing playback devices and manually applying the change when I need to. Would be really useful to be able to automate the process for each so I can quickly switch back and fourth if I need to.

Thanks again in advance.

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Think I've found a way to do this without having to write any script. Using desktop short cuts created by:

1. SSD - Set Sound Device

2. Ultramon

I'll create a .bat to run both short cuts simultaneously. I'll then try converting the .bat to a .exe so I can give each a new icon.

That is the plan so far

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