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Comparing Visible text with data from an array

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I have been using AutoIt for a few months now writing basic scripts to navigate through a unique software. The process I am needing to script has a some variables that put me into uncharted waters.

I have a list of numbers that I will be cycling through and updating information about that number. What I would like to accomplish is once a certain window is open for AutoIt to look at a specific window and compare the information in that window with the data in my array. How can I make that happen?

As a second part to that process If the information doesnt match I want to take one set of actions. If the information does match then I want to take a seperate set actions. How would I best achive that?

No, I'm not a programer.Yes, I am a noob.You know what the difference is between you and me?I make this look good.

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