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I am automating opening an E-mail attachment in a MS Exchange server running in IE8.

Upon clicking the attachment a new window opens up and the title will be one of two values and I am bugged getting a solution determining when the action is finished. I cant use WinwaitActive("Title") because that will run forever if the title never comes up. Note, adding a time out delay does nothing. Here is the scenerio:

Email title is "Title A"

Click attachment and a new window (sometime later who knows exactly when) appears.

The new window title is "Title B" , however, only very briefly and then will change to "Certificate error:......"

(in this case I need to find something on it and click "Continue anyway")


The new window is "Title B" and will stay that way.

This scenerio is based on undeterminable conditions, as far as I know.

What throws a monkey wrench into this is that sometimes nothing happens for several seconds due to a busy server, Looking at the title bar is inconclusive. "Sleep" just is not an option. I need this to be robust!

What I really need is to know when the active window is done loading. EG WinWaitDoneLoading("[active]")

that way all I need to do is look at the title.

Can someone creat this function?


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;) Don't expect anyone to code for you, my friend. We are here to help you if you could post a script, that will be much better.



:bye: Hey there, was I helpful?


My Current OS: Win8 PRO (64-bit); Current AutoIt Version: v3.3.8.1

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