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Another Question =/

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Lets say my code is :

If PixelGetColor[B](XX,XX)[/B] = Dec[B]("XXXXXX")[/B] Then

when this is compiled, and opened, it automatically starts the color checking

in the examples folder theres prompt boxes, but they are too hard for me to understand. Does anyone know how i can make a prompt box for this code?

and on top of that, is there a way to make a button on the prompt box where when u press it, it tells u to click anywhere on screen, and when u click somewhere on the screen , those coords and color will be sub into the bolded parts in the code above?

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Look Up GUI in the AutoIt3 helpfile. It will bring up a lot of funcs for making your own guis.

Also it looks like you tried make text inside the codebox bold. I don't think that is possible.

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